Block printing is an ancient craft form of Rajasthan that is being practiced since time immemorial. Rajasthan has a long and distinguished tradition of printing with finely carved wooden blocks.

This method is very laborious and requires much precision by the artists.

Printing is done at several places in Rajasthan and each place has historical, cultural, and geographical impact and influenced on the craft of hand printing. Regional variations do exist and each region has a distinctive style of its own.

Block printing can be distinguished into two categories: Sanganeri and Bagru prints. Although much difference is not noted, the background colour of the fabric marks the difference between the two.

The Sanganeri printing is done on a white background and the Bagru printing is done on a background of red and black.

Dyeing is a technique done in more than one way. tye dye is one of them where the cloth is pleated multiple times and is then coloured under the sun-soaked and dried to enhance the brightness.